Our Core Beliefs


Deeper Relationships

Early on in our user research, one lady in her fifties said to us, "So what if I have 100 Facebook friends. What I really need are five people who really understand me who are my real friends."  While technologies like Facebook are immensely useful for keeping us abreast of a large number of people, Emota's focus is to help us maintain more intimate and supportive relationships with a smaller number of people.

Connectedness is about Awareness and Spontaneity

We all want to be connected to the ones we love, but we are all concerned that we might be a bother to them. Family and loved ones think about each other all the time, but sadly we don't express or communicate our thoughts often enough. We are either too busy, or we are concerned about interrupting their busy lives.

Emota is all about enabling a new type of communication, the kind that helps busy and remote family members remain aware and somewhat involved in each other’s lives. This in turn, enables spontaneous interaction. This method of staying involved in the lives of those we care about produces fun, relaxing and enjoyable contact without the fear that we may be intruding into their space.

No Caring Robots

The media shows us innovative advances in robotics. Some of these machines are being developed to reduce loneliness when we age. How sad for us all! Yes, we believe that technology should be used to aid genuine people to people interactions, but it cannot and should not be a replacement.

It's Not About the Computer

Brand new, really cool devices such as iPads and iPad apps are designed to keep us addicted to technology. Twitter, Facebook, and others like them keep us all glued to the computer screen, afraid that we might miss an important message or breaking news. At Emota, we believe that technology should be in the background of what we are doing, not in the forefront. It should enhance our ability to carry-on meaningful relationships, not take over.

Generational Gaps

How many gadgets does one need in order to stay in touch with their family? Texting with the grandkids? Facebooking with the teenagers? Emailing? Tweeting? How about just sending one message and knowing that someone you love got it and is thinking about you? We believe that technology should be simple, and that it should allow friends and family to connect on their own terms.

Health Benefits of Connected Living

Study after study illustrates the clear and evident connection between social isolation and health issues. It’s not a supposition anymore. It’s a fact! People of all ages need to feel connected to their friends and family. When this is lost or severed, a person becomes depressed and quickly succumbs to illness of all kinds.

However, with just a slight increase in perceived emotional support, this person will come alive and begin to feel wanted and needed again. Their health returns. They are no longer depressed. This is the goal at Emota. We are all about people and helping families stay connected to each other. No one needs to grow old and die alone anymore. Shut-ins don’t have to feel that there is no one there day after day who cares about them.